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built-in heat medium, with independent heating energy

<p>pay attention to every home improvement network.Heating floor, also known as heating floor, wooden floor as a carrier, the ground as a radiator, through the floor built-in heat medium, with independent heating energy, uniform heating floor and far-infrared heat radiation from the lower The first heat conduction to achieve the purpose of heating. Let's take a look at what are the characteristics of the heating </p>
<p>floor? 1, rapid heating floor heating started, the general 5-15 minutes to raise the floor temperature, an average of about 30 minutes can increase the indoor temperature. Plumbing relative long heating time, easy to use. 2, household heating Heating floor to take the form of electric heating, heating units can be set according to the unit, and can be done indoor partition heating room, effectively saving energy. No </p>
<p>need to follow the plumbing method to heat the entire room. 3, time-sharing sub-district according to the different habits can be used for different time periods, different use of the sub-district heating control. And do away from stop, save energy than plumbing. 4, simple installation Heating floor installation is simple, consistent with ordinary wood floor installation, and built-in heating floor only one installation </p>
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