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Considered one of the cool cities ever, Tel Aviv is unexpectedly a great option for a couple who want to have fun. Hot beaches, clubs, markets, exquisite restaurants and many art galleries are only the beginning. Here you can enjoy both the sunny weather with beaches and crazy vibrant nightlife plus the shopping experience a big city can offer you. Tour the famous "White City" of over 4,000 buildings built with eye-catching 1930s Bauhaus-style architecture.

Beautiful coast, picture-perfect beaches and crystal-clear waters are only the starts of your adventure on this whimsical island. Although party dresses this is not a deserted island and you can easily find privacy but why not get out to enjoy the mouthwatering restaurants, beautiful boutiques, cafes and tavernas and the Parikia old town is just too good not to visit with its charming and exceptionally photogenic white alleys.

Some couples are open to making the most of it and are choosing to view their wedding day as a captured moment in our modern history. Others just want to have a wedding day that feels normal. Either viewpoint is completely valid and understandable, but this is a discussion that should be had between you and your fiance to decide what you both want.

How to Start Planning a Backyard Wedding
Don’t forget about other aspects of your wedding day that may be affected such as dance floor restrictions, hair and makeup salon closures, and bridal shop/alteration restrictions. Even if pajama robesthere are no restrictions on these services now, that could change in the two piece homecoming dresses future.

Chalk Board with Seating Chart for Backyard Wedding is Written
Sign of Activities During the Wedding Day of a Backyard Wedding
Since wedding planning is stressful enough without a global pandemic, we’ve compiled a list of helpful planning tips to keep you as stress-free as possible before your big day!

Have a Backup Plan for the Outdoor Festivities
No matter where or when your backyard wedding will be held, it is important to work through the “what if” scenarios. For example, you will want to have a “Plan B” for your outdoor ceremony and reception if mother nature is not in your favor.

Be prepared with popup tents in case of rain and blankets or space heaters if your celebration will go late into the night and the weather gets cold. It’s best to have a backup plan just in case!

Additionally,wedding dresses  if you’re planning to tackle food and beverages yourself, it is a rule of thumb to buy more than what you anticipate going through. You will be glad that you are left with more than you needed (leftovers!) instead of scrambling on your wedding day because you didn’t prepare enough.


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