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The issues the biography considers how to be a parent, artist, and activist and the political issues Paley dealt with in her stories and activism are all more relevant than ever. In her life, Paley published just three story collections. Though also a poet and essayist, her fiction was the focus of her creative life, and a common question of fans and friends alike was, "Why do we have to wait so long between books?" In large part, the answer was her dedication to political activism.

From a perch high above the cattle auction's bullpen, Ree eyeballs her elusive grandfather, the dominant male, 'Thump' Milton. Having been warned against seeking Thump's counsel ('Talking just causes witnesses and he don't want none of those"), Ree's actions provoke the lower tiers of the family hierarchy to physically hinder her enquiries. Many such scenes are thick with the allusions to the agonistic behaviour of 'the herd' but Granik never overplays her hand with the use of metaphor..

It has happened to me many times. On one occasion, I was standing in a supermarket checkout line, when a woman who had no outer trappings of being Jewish asked me when Rosh Hashanah was going to fall that year. It could have been an innocent inquiry, but I knew she was bageling me since it was only February..

First the punks went pop. Now they're moving as a pack, touring across the country together, and invading your town with their endless supply of catchy tunes in tow. Let's hit the highlights: Young Guv is the nom de pop of Fucked Up's Ben Cook, who turns sad songs into Matthew Sweet style hits of sunshine.

This group will join Boilermakers from 18 previous Hall of Fame classes who have been inducted since 1994, when the selection process started, and bring the total number of enshrinees to 160. From its humble beginnings, Purdue Athletics has prided itself on the pursuit of excellence in competition and in the classroom. Its rich history encompasses more than 125 years with more than 9,000 student athletes, coaches and administrators.
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