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Upgrade legacy Exchange to latest Exchange

This topic shows how you can upgrade your old Exchange server to the latest version using the EdbMails Exchange Migration. This tool supports all the Exchange server versions like Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2019.

Simple steps to upgrade legacy Exchange to latest one:

1.    Download and install EdbMails application on your system
2.    Login to application using appropriate credentials
3.    Select the ‘Live Exchange Migration (Hosted, hybrid, on-premise & more...)’ option.
4.    Connect to source server
5.    Load the mailboxes you wish to migrate
6.    Select the mailboxes for migration and utilize the option as per your requirement
7.    Connect to target server
8.    Allow application to map the mailboxes between source and target
9.    Perform migration

EdbMails Exchange Migration:
•    Allows users to access the source mailboxes while their mailboxes are being migrated  by maintaining zero downtime

•    Supports the migration of Public folders, Archive mailboxes and shared mailboxes, .

•    Supports incremental migration and ensures only the newly added items are migrated from source to your destination server thereby saves bandwidth and improves the performance of the migration.

•    Easily handles throttling and ensures a successful Exchange migration without any manual interruptions. 

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