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wore dresses of russet

Weaving personal touches into Prom Dresses 2020 wedding day proceedings is nothing new, but the veil is proving to be particularly fruitful ground for brides of late. Hailey Bieber’s Off-White “Till Death Do Us Part” veil caused quite a stir, and will no doubt trigger a wave of statement-making veils that incorporate meaningful messages or lyrics.

“Statement veils have become such an important part of our bridal experience. The modern wedding has evolved so much but there is something uniquely romantic and timeless about a veil,” says designer Hermione de Paula, who has long included personalised imagery, messages, monograms handbags and dates in her designs.

“Brides are seeing the value in creating an heirloom piece to pass down or display in their home as art long after the event. Whether you are wearing a classical gown, a contemporary trouser suit or a pair of jeans, the veil is your tight homecoming dresses opportunity to create something personal and bold yet unquestionably traditional and bridal,” de Paula adds.

The veil is no longer simply a wedding day accessory, but another opportunity to shout about your love – be it in big and bold fashion like Mrs Bieber, or something more subtle.

Bridal fashion was hugely influenced by the flapper style of dress that was popular at the time. Many brides opted for a white dress with a high scoop neckline, a straight, slim fit, and a low waist. And don't forget a lacy, romantic veil.

Having bridesmaids is one tradition that will never die, but the question of how to dress them has evolved. Some labels are coming to the rescue of brides who want to showcase their friends’ personalities, rather than putting them in a pastel uniform. Mix and match styles with contrasting colours, necklines and prints are thankfully on the rise, with labels like Reformation, Needle & Thread and Les Héro?nes by Vanessa Cocchiaro making the task of keeping your closest friends happy on the day a little easier.

“Bridesmaids are a very important tradition, one that you share with your closest family and friends,” says Vanessa Cocchiaro, of Paris-based label Les Héro?nes, which caters to bridesmaids as well as brides and wedding guests. “So it was important for me to design pieces that people enjoy wearing, and most of all that they can wear again.”


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